Big Blues Bender Vendor Application

Thank you for your interest in joining us as a vendor at the Bender!

To be considered, please complete the form below. It is free to apply to be a vendor. Deposit will be due upon acceptance.

Space rental is limited and is on a first come first serve basis, and is subject to approval by the Big Blues Bender and Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Las Vegas.

The Big Blues Bender audience is a mature, fun loving collection of men and women from all 50 states and around the world. Median Age is 61. Even distribution of Male & Female, 70% Attended College and greater. Average expected daily attendance apx. 2500 persons


• Event Dates are Thursday 9/5 through Sunday 9/8

• Vending area is located indoors (tents not allowed).

• Check in & Set up will Wednesday, 9/4 from 11am to 6pm

• Vending hours are from 12pm – 12am daily. We expect your booth to be manned for the duration of vending hours.

• Vendors are responsible for collecting state and county sales tax of 8.25%

• Vendors must submit an audit of sales to The Big Blues Bender vendor coordinator and remit sales tax. The Big Blues Bender will process tax payments to local authorities under our special event license.

• The Vending area is located in the main indoor area of the Big Blues Bender. It sits near the confluence of three venues and in the direction of our two outdoor venues. This placement will deliver ample foot traffic as people move from show to show.

• Guests with “Baller” status are persons who have purchased our highest level of access. This includes high end hotel inventory, preferred seating, all you can drink privileges, catered meals, and more. These meals are served twice daily, (lunch & dinner) and entrance to the dining area is via the vending area, guaranteeing visibility to our most lucrative guest segment.


10’X10′ Booth : $1,099

10’X15′ Booth : $1,399

Custom Booth sizes are available upon request.

• 2 Vendor passes for 4 days (hotel not included).

• Passes will be supplied during load in, once vendors have checked in.

• If you have additional employees, you will have to purchase additional employee wristbands. ($295 pp)

• Booth Includes limited power, 2 chairs & table. Additional items can be arranged and are subject to fees.


A selected participant can only sell those types of items listed on his/her application. Participants may not sell any additional items outside of their product line without prior approval from Big Blues Bender. This is to ensure a variety of unique products at the festival.

Artist/Merchant participants may not sell any item with the Big Blues Bender logo.

Additionally, participants may not sell any item with the name or image of any act playing the Festival.

PROHIBITED ITEMS: Merchant participants are prohibited from selling any beverages or food items, or any products related to the cannabis industry.


INDEMNITY: To the fullest extent permitted by law, the Vendor shall indemnify, defend and hold harmless The Big Blues Bender, Bender Presents, and Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Las Vegas, and their agents and employees for losses, judgments and expenses, including but not limited to attorney’s fees, on account of bodily injury, death or property damage, or for any loss of any kind, whether by fire, theft, damage, physical violence, elements of nature or other causes, however originating and of any nature whatsoever and by whomsoever made arising out of your activities associated with your participation in The Big Blues Bender.

INSURANCE: All vendors must hold General Liability insurance and submit a Certificate of Insurance naming The Big Blues Bender and Hard Rock Hotel & Casino as additional Insured.

CANCELLATION POLICY: There will be no refunds given for cancellations.

NOTE: Failure to comply with these Guidelines and Limitations will result in removal from the Festival, no refunds will be issued.